How To Help Your Child Cope With Homesickness

Homesickness is part of the lives of adults and children. Missing a person, a place or even an unforgettable moment is normal. And it is an important sign that what happened was positively striking ! Despite this, homesickness can bring some painful feelings, such as anguish and sadness, for example. So, how to help the child deal with homesickness?

The importance of emotions and feelings

Sometimes, many parents and guardians tend to mask their homesickness so that their little ones do not experience negative feelings . However, these emotions are also important for the development of children. After all, at that time, she will assimilate several messages. In fact, it is normal for two people who love each other to be distant from each other, as for a certain period of time.

So, to help the child deal with homesickness, nothing better than encouraging them to talk about that feeling. Sometimes, small and small children may not be able to express what they are feeling. Or they may feel that there is no such opening. Therefore, parents can begin this dialogue , encouraging them to share their emotions as well.

You can talk about the old school or some friends with whom you no longer have contact. Or even about the house they used to live in, for example. This is because all of this may be arousing homesickness in the child. And there is no problem talking about it, quite the opposite!

In addition, leaving the subject only in the children’s imagination can allow a distorted notion about the past. After all, instigated by his imagination and creativity, the child can greatly increase a past situation. And, over the years, she may miss something that is more like what she designed than what really happened. So, when you open the subject in family, there is space for each one to tell about their own memories and memories .

How literature can help deal with homesickness

To help your child cope with homesickness, you can count on his or her favorite characters. In this sense, children’s literature can be an important way to talk about homesickness , feelings and emotions.

In addition, films and drawings can also help. The episode A Viagem do Pinguim, by Peixinho da Maré , for example, addresses exactly this issue. It is also the case of animation Divertly, from Disney and Pixar, which teaches about emotional intelligence in a light and very playful way.